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What is fleet insurance?

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fleet insuranceBusiness is a lucrative industry that entails a complex system of individual parts that must always run like well-oiled machine. That is why there is need for companies to buy insurance for their properties so that when these properties get in an accident or get damaged it can easily be replaced and the company will not have to suffer that much cost in damages. One of these important part involve a company’s motor vehicles especially for companies where transport and shipping is the bulk of the business. And these companies today turn to fleet insurance brokers.

A fleet insurance is a type of commercial insurance that is intended specifically for company motor vehicles. A fleet insurance is a package that is prepared especially for companies with multiple vehicles that serve multiple functions. Some of this functions that fleet insurance covers are haulage, private hire, public hire and self-drive hire. Fleet car insurance are not only limited to car but also to vans and trucks, and since many of the individual car insurance out today for motor vehicles are increasing in cost, companies are finding it more beneficial to switch to a more profitable fleet insurance policy. There are various types of fleet insurance that is offered by different companies. There are rental fleet insurance and even small fleet insurance for smaller businesses or those companies with few vehicles. There are many insurance companies today that can offer you cheap fleet insurance with great deals. All you have to do is find a trustworthy fleet insurance broker to start you off.